Dude where’s my passport!? UGHH

It’s been about 5 days since I landed in Korea. No, I didn’t come back for a good, but just for a vacation.. 

I thought flying back to Korea would be a smooth flight minus 18 hours flight (which I didn’t mind at all) but had to feature some dramas. Once I got to my aunt’s place, I couldn’t find my passport!! Luckily I regained my consciousness and was able to trace where my passport could have been lost. For sure, it didn’t happen during the bus ride as I knew I didn’t really do anything in the bus. If then, it must happened at the airport.

I called lost / found center at the airport to see if someone dropped my passport. Luckily someone dropped my passport, and all I had to do was to go to the airport and claim it.

I initially thought that I would just go pick it up at the day of departure as I can’t think of an instance during my stay that I need to use my passport somewhere else. So I initially told them I would pick it up before I take off, but as soon as I hung up the phone… I was like OH SHIT the passport bag also contains two usb drives I need for H. That thought instantly pulled me out from the bed and I wasn’t feeling tired at all. The only thing in my mind was to go back to the airport, and get my passport back.

I grabbed a bus to the airport from my aunt’s place, only took about half an hour to get there. Then I went to the lost / found center and got my passport back. finally I felt like I am in Korea now.

Going to the airport twice a day is not fun…especially when you realize that you lost your passport somewhere in the airport and have no choice but go back and get it… :( 


I recently found out that ‘French Press’ is not actually originated from France. Given that ‘French Fries’ is not actually originated from France as well…. which item that with a wording ‘French’ in it actually originated from France?? I don’t think ‘French Vanilla’ isn’t French enough as well…